Payment Policy For Online Transactions

Kalinich Productions

Customer payment policies and guidelines

After acceptance of a quote, a contract appropriate to the project will be developed and forwarded to the client for review. If the terms are acceptable, an email response to that effect will be required. This written approval is mandatory in order for us to begin work on the project.

The primary content of the contract will be a payment plan and tentative due dates for the different project stages.

Down Payment
A certain percentage of the project's written quote will be requested for payment upfront. This amount may vary depending on the size of the project.

Once the down payment is received, the project will be completed stage by stage (e.g. image concepts, colour schemes etc.) by the agreed upon dates. Every project requires feedback from the client on every update email submitted for review. This process is critical to guarantee the integrity of the final product. Also, prompt response to every email regarding the project is crucial to ensure the timely delivery of the project, accurate to client specifications. For example: If a logo design has been forwarded to the client for approval, a response will be required within one business day of the original email, unless otherwise agreed upon. The required response time will be agreed upon prior to the commencement of the project. IF a response is not received by the agreed upon time, a fee of $50 will be applied to the final invoice for each business day that passes (after the agreed upon grace period). This process of email feedback (with progressive updated image sample attached on the email) will occur many times throughout the duration of the project. This will keep the client informed of the progress, and allow for any necessary changes along the way. In the event that the project at hand is too large for email feedback, the client will then receive an email with a direct link to the work in progress to be approved at that current stage.

Final Payment
Upon completion of the project, a small sample of the project file will be provided with a "Kalinich Productions" watermark over the image or animation. This will confirm the completed look of the final image or animation but it will NOT be in its actual size and quality. The payment remainder will be required BEFORE the delivery of the finished product (or animation file/tape/CD etc.). Upon receipt of payment, a "paid in full" invoice will be sent via email. The completed product will be sent to the client in whatever format that was agreed upon in the contract. Our goal is to complete the project as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality and attention to detail.

You will be notified via email of any change in method of payment. Animation projects may be broken down to more payment parts during its many processes.

Kalinich Productions recommends PayPal for online payments. Here is a link to PAYPAL's main page.

Feel free to e-mail us for any questions.