About Kalinich Productions

Terry Kalinich is a dedicated entrepreneur that has kept a high standard of creativity from the beginning of his professional career. He has been working on personal and freelance projects for approximately 8 years.

Terry at the early age of 14 partnered in a computer business (KGB Enterprises) in which they custom built computers for their clients. As more experience was gained, 4 years later Terry felt the need to concentrate on creative means and that's where Kalinich Productions came in. On May 28th, 1997, the business was born. From that point on, Terry's career path has been set. On the side he freelanced working in The Animation House Ltd. In Toronto. Some valuable experience was gained with very respectable commercial projects at that time. Some of these animated TV commercials are very popular: Nestle Quick, Honey-Nut Cheerios, Cinna-Minibuns, Woody-wood pecker/Swiss Chalet, Alpha-bits to name a few. With the business running and freelance work, there were lots of possibilities. Terry has now built on a respectable partnership of highly qualified people to aid in any complicated or large project that comes his way. With this new "alliance" set out, Terry has launched Kalinich Productions officially online in late 2001.

With his extensive traditional animation and drawing background, Terry has acquired some very convenient knowledge in designing, and producing attractive artwork for his clients. Some of these areas include, human anatomy, both bone and muscle anatomy giving full freedom of any humanoid drawing possibilities. Terry Has ventured on his own to discover the complicated, yet intuitive world of animal life drawing. You can see him drawing the animals frequently at the Metro Toronto Zoo. These studies provide Terry with a distinct advantage over the competition with the vast knowledge gained from live animal anatomic studies.

With his computer genius and both traditional and computer art expertice still perfecting even to this day, Terry has covered a very wide spectrum of services to meet any media task at hand. New trades include Video editing and 3d Animation. That mixed with unique services such as Storyboarding, and animation video Line testing, There is very little that Kalinich Productions cannot do!

There are many new avenues that we will persue in the near future to open up more opportunities to better serve our clients.

Kalinich Productions is based in Vancouver BC, Canada

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